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Covid-19 (Coronavirus)

Your booking with us

As of today (26th April 2021), unrestricted travel within Scotland and the UK is now allowed and overnight stays are permitted once again. We are therefore delighted to be able to welcome clients from across Scotland and the rest of the UK from today, and hope to welcome clients from abroad in the very near future.

Please be aware, however, that restrictions regarding travel and overnight stays continue to be reviewed regularly and may change after you book. During these uncertain times, we want you to feel you can book with confidence, knowing that your payment is secure. For the foreseeable future, all monies paid to us are fully refundable. If it becomes necessary to cancel your booking for a Coronavirus-related reason, we will offer you a full refund, or the opportunity to transfer your booking to an alternative and mutually agreeable date. Please refer to our full Terms & Conditions for further details.

If, within 14 days of your activity with us, you or anyone in your household shows symptoms of Coronavirus, you must stay at home, or go home, and self-isolate for 14 days. Do not attempt to attend the activity. This applies both before and during your activity with us. Let us know if you develop symptoms of Coronavirus within 14 days of the end of your activity with us.


During your activity with us

As always, we take your safety extremely seriously, and we have measures in place to manage the risk posed by Coronavirus. This is not only for your safety and the safety of your guide, but also to minimise the risk to others with whom you may come into contact during your time in the Highlands.

Due to the nature of Coronavirus, we cannot guarantee that you will not be exposed to the virus during your time with us. However, being outside is considered lower risk than being indoors, and even during “normal” times, we work with small groups in relatively remote places. Nonetheless, for the foreseeable future, we will be operating in a manner which aims to further reduce the risk of infection and transmission.

The following steps will be taken:

  • We will endeavour to meet you at the starting point for the activity whenever practically possible. However, if meeting somewhere else (e.g. all courses start in Aviemore before heading out for the day's activity), you will need to have access to your own car to travel from Aviemore to the activity venue each day. Please avoid using public transport if possible.
  • Greetings, briefings, demonstrations etc. will be non-contact.
  • Please bring your own hand sanitizer.
  • On the first morning of your activity, all participants will be given a complimentary branded piece of individually-wrapped Buff-style headwear, to use during your activity, and to take away with you for future use. This is not a medical-grade face mask, and is not designed for that purpose, but it can be worn as a face covering.
  • Social distancing will be maintained as far as practically possible (i.e. staying 2 m away from any person from another household). Where this is not possible, a face covering must be worn.
  • The guide’s First Aid kit will, as usual, contain hand sanitizer and disposable gloves. It will also contain a medical-grade face mask for use by the guide, should it be necessary to administer First Aid.
  • You will be encouraged to take particular personal responsibility for any medical issues (non Coronavirus-related) that you may have.
  • It is particularly important that you arrive suitably equipped for the activity, as detailed in the kit list supplied at the time of booking. At the moment, it is inappropriate to use anything other than your own personal kit, unless this has been pre-arranged.
  • When handing out any pre-arranged hire kit, strict hygiene procedures will be followed. Such kit will have been quarantined for a minimum of 72 hours prior to use.
  • As usual, the guide will be operating with small groups (up to 6 participants for guided hill walking and up to 4 participants for courses).

Despite these measures, we appreciate that, understandably, many people continue to feel safer in small groups made up of people with whom they are familiar. We always cater for small groups and private bookings anyway, but particularly at this time, please remember that all guided hill walking and courses are available to run for your bespoke group on dates to suit you. A limited number of open events for small groups will continue to be scheduled, and will follow all relevant guidelines for organised sporting activities in Scotland.

Please be aware that mountain rescue teams are currently operating a reduced service. We will therefore be operating well within our capabilities, avoiding taking any unnecessary risks, and working on the basis that mountain rescue help will be slower to respond with reduced capability if we get into any difficulties.

Thank you for playing your part in the delivery of what will hopefully be a safe, fun and rewarding activity for all concerned. We look forward to welcoming you.

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